I really don’t understand people who get offended at people breastfeeding in public.

I took these after lying in my bed for awhile. I had a headache and was tired. I’m still tired and have a light headache. So much fun. But my face looks thinner so at least there is that.

The humidity we’ve had for the last few weeks has not been kind to my hair.

I was just thinking about getting a tattoo on my scalp so I can have my middle part back. Then I realized that once I start getting grey hair, it’ll probably be a bad idea. But will I even care then? I guess I could dye my hair when I’m old.

I have a headache and I feel weird. Can I just sleep until tomorrow?

Do you ever get into bed and it feels so nice you just start moaning? Because I do that a lot. It’s like my body was sore and aching for bed and now I’m finally in bed and it’s the best thing in the history of ever.