Does anyone have a good keto spinach smoothie recipe? I’ve been craving them lately but I used to use an entire banana and I can’t exactly do that anymore. Any ideas/suggestions?

Sharing food is difficult unless I’m full. Like no, this is mine. Go away and get your own.

I miss having friends and actually hanging out with people.

After more than a month off, I finally get to resume my babysitting gig tomorrow. I’ll be glad to be out of the house and doing something. Even if I’ll be encountering screaming children.

When we were in California, the only place I got burned was the one place I didn’t put sunscreen. The part on my scalp. Now my head is all itchy and flaky. But it’s not as red anymore. It just looks like I have dandruff now.

My uncle got here a few days ago and is going to be staying with us for who knows how long. Anyway, yesterday my mom was making green chile chicken enchiladas and asked my uncle to shred the chicken. Well, he did it wrong. There is definitely a big difference between shredded chicken and ground chicken.

Some people aim for the stars and have really big dreams and goals for their future. And honestly, I just want an average and normal life. I just want to be happy. All I need is a house big enough for me and a few dogs. I don’t need a huge place. I don’t need a huge yard. I don’t care if I just babysit for the rest of my life or get a different job that snobby people look down on. I really don’t care. I just want to be happy. That’s it. That’s all.