I’m really good at forgetting that I have laundry in the washing machine.

I was just on someone’s blog and they say they don’t eat dairy but in the list of foods they¬†do eat, they mention whey. Um.

You are so beautiful!

Eep. Thank you so much. :)

Biked for an hour today as well. Just finished a few minutes ago. 2 miles less than yesterday so I must’ve been going slower. My music was faster yesterday so that makes sense. Going to workout with battles ropes with my youngest brother after I pick up my other brother from school. I’m already sweaty and it’s just going to get worse.

Yesterday I stationary biked for one hour. 17.33 miles. And the calories I burned are probably very inaccurate so I’m not going to bother posting them.

I had two fried eggs sprinkled with feta for breakfast. I also had tea. Just plain tea though, no heavy whipping cream. My weight (crossing my fingers I don’t jinx this) is in a safe place right now. I look at the scale and breathe a sigh of relief instead of feeling defeated. The mirror seems to be being kind to me too. The shorts I tried on yesterday? Not as kind. Maybe they will feel better by next week when we go to Disneyland. I am beyond excited to go and walk for five days straight. I love how much I get to walk when I’m there. A lot of people gain weight on vacations but I tend to lose weight on them because my vacations/trips are usually always active ones. Which means I look forward to trips for more than one reason. It would be cool if I broke through a number I haven’t been below in a long time but I doubt I can lose 6 pounds in a week. It’s still going to be a great trip no matter the outcome. I am going to choose to be happy and nothing is going to stop me from being happy. Disneyland is my home away from home and my escape from reality.

This one time I ate way too many tater tots in the span of a week and now I never want tater tots ever again.

When you go through your email and unsubscribe from basically everyone sending you emails, you get a lot less emails. True story. I also deleted more than a thousand emails that were just junk that I never opened.

For someone who doesn’t like bras, I have a lot of bras. And I don’t even have a bandeau bra so I can’t even wear/own certain types of shirts.

I have a stupid headache. So much fun. Best thing ever.

Money is safer when it’s not in my bank account because I forget I even have it. Just found some babysitting money that I hadn’t deposited yet. Cool.¬†

Intake so far today (8/20/14):

  • Tea with heavy whipping cream - 160
  • Salad - 420
  • Quest bar - 190
  • Cauliflower mash - 340
  • Tea with heavy whipping cream - 150

That is 1,260 calories so far which means I have 420 calories left for today.

(Tagging with “calorie counting” if you want to blacklist that type of content from your dash)

I want to buy this one shirt before going to Disneyland but it’s a halter top which means I’d have to buy a bandeau bra as well. Also, it’s an online shop so I wouldn’t be able to try on either of these items to see if they look good on me or if they fit correctly. I probably just shouldn’t buy it.